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The Shwachman award is given by NASPGHAN to a person who has made major, lifelong scientific or educational contributions to the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology or nutrition in North America.  The award is designed to preferentially honor a member of NASPGHAN for outstanding achievements in the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition. This prestigious award will be given at the Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Eligibility:  Nominees for the Shwachman award will be judged on the basis of major lifelong scientific or educational contributions to the field.  The Shwachman award is distinguished from the Davidson award given by the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Gastroenterology and Nutrition in that the Davidson Award is designed to honor a master clinician and/or educator.  The additional criteria for Shwachman nominees are a record of advocacy for child digestive diseases, outstanding administrative service to the field and lifelong scientific or educational contributions to our discipline.  While service to NASPGHAN will be positively regarded, service to NASPGHAN is not an a priori requirement of the Shwachman award.  

Past Recipients

1987 – Claude C. Roy, MD  2004 – Fayez Ghishan, MD
1988 – Arnold Silverman, MD 2005 – Frederick Suchy, MD
1989 – Murray Davidson, MD 2006 – Judith Sondheimer, MD
1990 – J. Richard Hamilton, MD 2007 – Emanuel Lebenthal, MD
1991 – Otakar Koldovsky, MD, PhD 2008 – Michael Thaler, MD
1992 – Samuel Foman, MD 2009 – Ronald J. Sokol, MD
1993 – Richard J. Grand, MD 2010 – Philip M Sherman, MD
1994 – Gerard B. Odell, MD 2011 – David Perlmutter, MD
1995 – W. Allan Walker, MD 2012 – Alessio Fasano, MD
1996 – Joyce Gryboski, MD 2013 – Mitchell Cohen, MD
1997 – John B. Watkins, MD 2014 – Peter Whitington, MD
1998 – Marvin Ament, MD 2015 – D. Brent Polk, MD
1999 – William Balistreri, MD 2016 - Wayne Lencer, MD
2000 - William Klish, MD 2017 - Kathleen B. Schwarz, MD
2001 – Jon Vanderhoof, MD 2018 - John A. Barnard, MD
2002 – Buford Nichols, MD 2019 - Anne Griffiths, MD
2003 – Peter Durie, MD 2020 - Mark E. Lowe, Md, PhD



Distinguished Service Awards are presented to members of NASPGHAN in recognition of excellence and service to the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition by achieving national and/or international recognition in the field.  Both physicians and non-physicians are eligible for this award.  This award will be given at the Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Eligibility:  Distinguished Service Awards normally will be granted to individuals who have reached at least 60 years of age and made major contributions to child health in the fields of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology or nutrition.  Awardees should not be members of the NASPGHAN Awards Committee, councilors or officers at the time of selection. 

Past Recipients

2003 – Joseph Fitzgerald, MD
2004 – James Keating, MD
2005 – Kathleen Schwarz, MD
2006 – Harvey Sharp, MD
2007 – Susan Henning, PhD
2008 – Richard B. Colletti, MD
2009 – Fredric Daum, MD
2010 – Harland Winter, MD
2011 – Ivor Hill, MD
2012 – Alan Leichtner, MD
2013 – John Udall, MD
2014 – Melvin Heyman, MD
2015 – Kathleen Motil, MD, PhD
2016 - David Gremse, MD
2017 - Eric Sibley, MD, PhD
2018 - Michael R. Narkewicz, MD
2019 - Neil LeLeiko, MD, PhD
2020 - Paul E. Hyman, MD


Nominations for the Shwachman Award and Distinguished Service Award will be accepted from members of NASPGHAN annually.  The deadline for receipt of nominations is May 16, 2021.  The primary nominator should upload a nominating letter, the nominee’s curriculum vita and up to two supporting letters by May 16, 2021..

Nominations will be reconsidered for a total period of three years (two years after the initial nomination).  Nominated candidates then will be removed from the list of candidates, but could be reconsidered on the basis of a new nomination.

Submit your nomination for the Shwachman Award and/or Distinguished Service Award