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 Teri Li Young Educator Award
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024

Description: The Teri Li Young Educator Award recognizes individuals in the first phase of their professional career who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and/or nutrition through education scholarship   This award will be given at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Hollywood, FL.

Criteria: Candidates must be a NASPGHAN member in good standing, within ten (10) years of their 1st academic appointment. Please note: If the nominee’s service time has not been continuous please document any leaves to demonstrate that he/she has been in an academic position less than 10 years. Similarly, if the nominee has held academic positions at more than one institution, the total number of years cannot exceed 10 years.

Nominees will be evaluated based on:

  1. Design, implementation and/or evaluation of educational innovations such as a new method, process, approach, or technological application that provides a solution to a problem in medical education (degree of innovation, quality, scholarly approach, etc.)
  2. Research activities in medical education (quality, quantity, funds received, etc.)
  3. Teaching activities (quality, quantity, scholarly approach, etc.)
  4. Mentorship and/or advisory activities (quality, quantity, scholarly approach, etc.)
  5. Educational leadership and/or administration activities 
  6. Curriculum and/or program development activities (quality, quantity, scholarly approach, etc.)
  7. Learner assessment and/or program evaluation activities (quality, quantity, scholarly approach, etc.)
  8. Public dissemination of education scholarship, (presentation at meetings, etc.)
  9. Scientific publications in medical education
  10. Impact of the nominee's activities 

Application Details

  1. Nomination letter 
    The nominee may solicit letter or nomination may be completed without applicants’ knowledge.  We ask that this letter speak to the selection criteria, including a clear statement about the nominee’s achievements in relation to at least one of the criteria above and why they are being recommended.  
  2. Nominee’s complete curriculum vitae

The NASPGHAN Education SIG and Awards Review Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the NASPGHAN Foundation Executive Board, who will make the final decision regarding recipients.  

Past Recipients

2012 – Jeannie S. Huang, MD, MPH

2013 – Christine Waasdorp-Hurtado

2014 – Ruba Abdelhadi, MD

2015 - Catherine Walsh, MD, MEd, PhD, FRCPC, and Cary Sauer, MD

2016 – Bram Raphael, MD and Aliza Solomon, DO

2017 – Norelle Reilly, MD

2018 – Diana Lerner, MD

2019 – Arvind Srinath, MD, MS

2020 – Daniel Mallon, MD

2021 – Sarah Lusman, MD and Jacob Robson, MD

2022 – Brian McFerron, MD

2023 - The Bowel Sounds Team

Submit a nomination for the Teri Li Young Educator Award